Our threads

Everything you have to know about silk, from the culture of the blackberry to finished products. Au Ver à Soie delivers the secrets of the silk thread.

Pure silk :

The pure silk comes directly from the spinning of cocoon silk fibers. It is the shiniest silk.

Soie Perlée

Visuel perlée

A 3 ply twisted filament silk that is smooth, soft, and lustrous.

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Soie de Paris

Visuel Paris

An assembly of 6 strands of intense brilliance easily separable

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Ruban de Soie

Visuel Ruban

Ribbons are weaved from pure silk and dyed on skeins to get perfect color-homogeneity.

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Soie Ovale

Visuel Ovale

Flat silk that is a low twist filament silk that is a smooth, and lustrous.

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Soie Gobelins

Visuel Gobelins

An assembly of 2 strongly twisted strands of intense brilliance.

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Chenilles de Soie

Visuel Chenilles

Available in two different sorts for two different effects: “velours” and “satin”.

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Spun Silk:

The spun silk comes from the worsted silk spinning.

Soie d'Alger

Visuel Alger

An assembly of 7 strands easily separable.

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Soie 1003

Visuel 1003

A blend of 3 strands of moderate brilliance.

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Soie Surfine

Visuel Surfine

A blend of 2 strands of moderate brilliance.

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Our metallic braids:

  • Braids (4-8-16): Soft and very strong braids perfect for any needlework or handicraft.
  • 1 fil: To be used by itself or with another thread to create a highlighting effect
  • Antique: A fine thread with an "antique" luster.
  • Gimp: Gold or silver thread to be couched.
  • Bourdon: A very bright 1 ply gimp cord available in 2 different thicknesses.

Metallic braids

Visuel Métallisés

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100% silk braids and laces:

Thanks to our know-how in manufacturing silk threads and to wealthness of our colour range, Au Ver à soie has developed a rang of 100 % silk braids and 100% silk laces for jewellery, perfumery, embroidery and decoration. Our production can be flexible and we can adapt offer to demand as far as sight but also colours are concerned.

100% silk braids and laces:

Visuel Tresse

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Au Ver A Soie ® Fine d'Aubusson Wool 100% Merinos is a Thread developed by Au Ver à Soie in collaboration with La Route de la Laine. Skeins of 8m in 4 plies. This wool is perfect for Tapestry, traditional embroidery, Crewel embroidery, and Cross stitch. Available in a range of 120 colors based on the Soie d'Alger range.


Visuel Laine

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Other products:

Discovery packs and shades packs

Visuel Packs

Packs developed to help you discover threads and colors.

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Fly tying threads and fishing silk

Visuel Peche

Special range for fly tying and fishing.

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